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New Leaf is now Australia’s second-largest and fastest growing debt administrators. Since 2004, we've provided debt solutions to thousands of individuals and couples.

Are you struggling with debt? Are you finding it difficult to make payments, or have you already missed payments? Are debt collectors chasing you? In all of these instances, we can help. We have a team of friendly debt consultants who take the time to explore your financial situation, get to the bottom of it, and fix it once and for all.

All our plans are designed to have you debt-free at the end. (Unsecured debts, that is – your plan won’t affect your house or car loans.)

At New Leaf, we understand that debt can be crippling and devastating. You’ll find we listen, we understand and we care. And we don’t judge, because we know debt problems strike people from all walks of life and for endless reasons.

Instead, for as long as it takes, we’ll work with you so you – and your loved ones – can turn over a new financial leaf.


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"I’m so appreciative of how you’ve helped my family and I. Our lives have changed so much since we completed our New Leaf plan. We came really close to losing our house, but we didn’t, thanks to you." Tracey – Queensland

Three simple steps to a new financial future

When you’re stuck in debt and besieged by creditors, it’s hard to think how you’ll ever escape. That’s where New Leaf comes in. In three simple steps, we’ll help you take control of your financial future.


Contact us

One of our experienced debt consultants will talk to you over the phone, and take the time to really listen to you and find out what’s going on. Your personal finance manager will be your single point of contact for your time with New Leaf.


We plan

We’ll design a plan lasting 3–5 years that will see you free of your unsecured debts. We tailor our plans to your situation. For example, you might be on maternity leave now but you’re planning to return to work in six months’ time – so we’ll factor that in.


Creditors go away

We’ll contact your creditors on your behalf and let them know that if they want to talk about your debt, they have to talk to us. No more harassment!

Change your life

We can dramatically reduce the time and interest you may pay on your debt. Here is what you can expect to save on an average credit card debt of $20,000:

New Leaf savings graph with figures

Are you behind on your payments and drowning in credit card bills?

You’re not alone. In fact, Australia leads the world in personal debt. A debt solution plan can help you get back in control.

  • Stop creditor letters and phone calls
  • Combine your debt repayments
  • Avoid bankruptcy
  • Freeze or reduce your interest and charges
  • Become debt-free.

Register now and we’ll give you a free debt analysis valued at $300!

  • Completely free debt analysis
  • Tailored to your personal circumstances
  • Safe, confidential and absolutely no obligation.
Check your eligibility for debt relief